Canada’s Got Talent 2023, Audition, Contestants, Elimination, Judge & Host:- Canada’s Got Talent is a Canadian television reality talent show, created by Simon Cowell and directed by Joan Tosoni, Sue Brophy, and Harbinder Singh. Which has been aired on March 4, 2012, on the City TV network. The show is part of the global Got Talent franchise.

Like other series in this franchise, the show is a competition in which entertainers from different fields compete to win prizes. In the first season, the winner won a $100,000 prize and a Nissan GT-R, an opportunity to perform at CityTV’s New Year’s Eve gig, a venue in Las Vegas, and a trip to Trinidad and Tobago. In the second season, the winner received a cash prize of $150,000.

Canada's Got Talent 2023

All types of artists can participate in Canada Got Talent like-
Singing, Acrobatics, Noise Maker, Magicians, Circus, Gymnastics, Horse Acts, Comedy, Stunts, and many more.

The audition of Canada Got Talent 2023 (CGT contestants 2023) has started in which one contestant got the golden buzzer, 5 contestants are selected for the next round and 7 contestants are eliminated during the auditions, the rest of the contestants are yet to audition. Now it has to be seen who gets the golden buzzer and who gets eliminated.

Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Judge & Host

The show premiered with the same judges and host as in the previous season. Howie Mandel, Lilly Singh, Kardinal Official, and Trish Stratus are the judges for Canada’s Got Talent 2023 (CGT 2023) this year and Lindsey Ell is the host.

All About Canada’s Got Talent 2023

People are very happy that the third season of Canada’s Got Talent 2023 has started again. This is because, after the airing of the first season of the show, Rogers Media had told that the second season would not be aired because they had taken this decision after looking at the economic system of the country. Because at that time the president of Rogers Media was Scott Moore.

How To Vote Canada’s Got Talent 2023 

On June 8, 2021, the team of Canada’s Got Talent revealed that the next season of Canada’s Got Talent will be restarted. The team of the show also revealed that the next season of the show will be aired on Citytv. The second season of the show Actually Canada’s Got Talent would have started earlier, but in the middle of it, Kovid-19 came, due to which the show had to be canceled again.

Therefore, no date was set for the launch of Canada’s Got Talent. Then people thought that now the third season will not start and it did not even happen because the second season had not even started, so how would the third season start? In 2022, a second season of Canada’s Got Talent launches on Citytv.

After the end of the second season, the creators of the show agreed to start the third season. All the production directors of the show also announced the third season. and auditions for the show were filmed on the OLG Stage at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The third season of Canada’s Got Talent 2023 aired on City TV on March 21, 2023, in which many contestants won the hearts of viewers and judges with their art.

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Canada’s Got Talent Contestants 2023

From now on we will see some new and different talents in the show. This is because Canada’s Got Talent shows have happened and are held in many different countries like America’s Got Talent and Bretain’s got talent. And the show Canada’s Got Talent started on March 21, 2023, which is definitely great news for all its fans and critics. Some of the broadcasting channels that will be airing the show are CityTV, CityTV+,, and CityTV Application. Unfortunately, American people cannot watch the show live as there is no open source for them to watch.

Now, here are the names of some of the contestants that you will see in the show Canada’s Got Talent Season 3:-

Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Finalist Contestants (Top 8)

  • Conversion
  • Atsushi Ono
  • Cool Giraffes
  • The Turnbull Brothers
  • Geneviève Côté
  • Raymond Salgado
  • Meave
  • The Cast ⭐

Eliminated Contestants On Canada’s got talent 2023

  • Young Mommy
  • Marquis
  • Charles Philippe Laurin
  • Emma Garriott
  • The Cheerforce Golden Girls
  • Mcelman & The Maestro
  • Christian Mascia
  • Evangel Omari Besong (Cutdown Round)
  • Dean Gunnarson
  • Xpectaculo
  • Kenton & Lise (Cutdown Round)
  • Captain Finn & The Salty Sea Dogs
  • Abebe Erigete
  • Amir Brandon
  • Xpogo Stunt Team (Cutdown Round)
  • Will Stelfox (Cutdown Round)
  • The Trevor Show
  • Tap Dance Canada
  • Sima Saxena (Cutdown Round)
  • MVP Dance
  • Konah Raynes
  • Darcy Mitchison
  • Knight1
  • Brian Tyler
  • Kevin Fast (Cutdown Round)
  • Voices Rock Prime
  • The Sigmaz
  • Syd Bosel (Cutdown Round)
  • Reese Nelson (Cutdown Round)
  • Christopher Magas
  • James Alcock
  • Cydnee Abbott (Cutdown Round)
  • Val & Ganna (Cutdown Round)
  • Julia and Moses
  • Woody & Fenton ⭐ (Withdrew)
  • DJC
  • Olga & Violet: Mommy & Me
  • JP Parent (Cutdown Round)
  • L.I.V.E.
  • Tara Meyer (Cutdown Round)
  • Jason & Bronwyn Irwin (Cutdown Round)
  • Xtreme Soul Style (Cutdown Round)
  • Jack Thomas (Cutdown Round)
  • ASD Band (Cutdown Round)
  • Cirque Kalabanté
  • Tra My Trinh
  • The Dreamboats
  • The Bearhead Sisters (Cutdown Round)
  • Richard Forget
  • Joze Piranian (Cutdown Round)
  • Flexy-T (Cutdown Round)
  • David Green
  • Maya Gamzu ⭐ (Semi-finals)
  • Beatrice Love (Semi-finals)
  • Paola Troilo (Semi-finals)
  • Mr. Cuddles The Evil Octopus (Semi-finals)
  • Alexandra Côté (Semi-finals)
  • GBA (Semi-finals)
  • Magic Ben (Semi-finals)
  • Anica(Semi-finals)
  • Katherine Lynn-Rose (Semi-finals)

Solo Contestants on Canada’s Got Talent 2023

  • Beatrice Love
  • GBA
  • Atsushi Ono
  • Geneviève Côté
  • Evan Turnbull
  • Paola Troilo
  • Evangel Omari Besong
  • Magic Ben
  • Mr. Cuddles The Evil Octopus
  • Kenton & Lise
  • Meave
  • Alexandra Côté
  • Anica
  • Xpogo Stunt Team
  • Will Stelfox
  • Sima Saxena
  • Raymond Salgado
  • Kevin Fast
  • Syd Bosel
  • Reese Nelson
  • Katherine Lynn-Rose
  • Maya Gamzu
  • Cydnee Abbott
  • Curran Dobbs
  • Woody & Fenton
  • JP Parent
  • Tara Meyer
  • Jason & Bronwyn Irwin
  • Jack Thomas
  • ASD Band
  • Cirque Kalabanté
  • Tra My Trinh
  • Richard Forget
  • Joze Piranian
  • Flexy-T
  • David Green

Group Contestants on Canada’s Got Talent 2023

  • Conversion
  • Cool Giraffes
  • XPogo Stunt Team 
  • Xtreme Soul Style
  • The Dreamboats
  • The Bearhead Sisters

Contestants will compete in front of the audience and judges in an audition round to make it to the semi-finals for the contestants to win the golden buzzer.

Competitors perform a variety of arts including singing, acrobatics, circus, skating acts, magicians, dancing, magic, comedy, stunts, and more.

This season of Canada Got Talent 2023 has also seen 6 golden buzzer crushes. 1-1 for each of the 4 judges and the contestant for the golden buzzer is selected by the host who presses the 6th golden buzzer.

During the auditions of the show, some of the contestants are selected for the semi-finals after being impressed by their acts and given golden buzzers for their acts, while many of them are selected for the next round, called the cutdown or judge’s round.

At the end of the cutdown or judge’s round, the winner of Canada’s Got Talent 2023 is finalized based on the votes of the judges and the votes of the live audience.

Golden Buzzer: Genevieve Cote, Conversion, Anica, Maya Gamzu, and Woody & Fenton who is also an actress, won the hearts of the judges and the live audience with their performance and received the Golden Buzzer, going straight to the semi-finals.

Competition: 27 contestants were selected in the audition round and advanced to the next round.

Eliminated: 29 contestants were not selected in the auditions and were eliminated on the basis of direct judges’ votes.

Cutdown Round: The remaining contestants are not selected for the semi-final round, but are selected for the audition round.

Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Contestants

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