BBC’s most popular and favorite cooking reality show MasterChef UK 2023 is back with its new season and new contestants. MasterChef UK is a competitive cooking reality show produced by Endemol Shine UK and Banijay and broadcast in 60 countries worldwide.

MasterChef UK 2023 started on 10th April 2023 in which every week 9 home cooks will participate in the first test of the audition round.

MasterChef UK 2023 judges John Torode and Greg Wallace visit the MasterChef contestants’ kitchens to taste the dishes prepared by the nine contestants. And the contestants whose dish they like the best will go to the next round, Masterchef will wear an apron, 7 such contestants will be taken to the next round and 2 contestants will be eliminated from the show.

n the next round of the show, 7 selected contestants will cook a dish prepared by the critics from the country’s most favorite foodies. And last, the dish of the contestants which the judge will like, out of that 4 contestants will proceed to 4 quarterfinals, and the remaining 3 contestants will be out of the show.

Confirm MasterChef UK 2023 Contestants Names List

  • Nickolas, 31 yrs, From Darlington
  • Terri, 30 yrs, From Warwick
  • Vanessa, 36 yrs, From Croydon
  • Anurag, 40 yrs, From India
  • Adam, 34 yrs, From Bristol
  • Omar, 31 yrs, From Barnsley
  • Linda, 59 yrs, From Prestatyn
  • Miles, 35 yrs, From Croydon
  • Chariya, 40 yrs, From Thailand
  • Josh, 25 yrs, From Tring
  • Robin, 28 yrs, Cardiff

4 contestants from the quarter-finals will compete in the semi-finals. Contestants are exceptional guests for our judges and for all of us. They will prepare 2 dishes for last year’s Masterchef champion and the previous 2 contestants will make their place in the semi-finals, the remaining 2 contestants will be out. will.

Then in the last, the semi-final contestants will compete for the final, out of which the dish which is the tastiest will become the champion of this show, the trophy of MasterChef UK 2023 will be in their hands and their name will be added to the history of MasterChef UK.

MasterChef UK 2023 Eliminated Contestants

Geva, 66 yrs, From 66 yrs

Jo, 56 yrs, From Huddersfield

Jonny, 31 yrs, From Hebburn

Matthew, 33 yrs, From Wolverhampton

Woei, 41 yrs, From Bristol

Zoe, 26 yrs, From Stirling

Claire, 35 yrs, From Middlesbrough

Forest, 34 yrs, From Hong Kong

Cliodhna, 24 yrs, From Darwen

NKY, 49 yrs, From Aberdeen

Joanne, 46 yrs, From South Wales

Victor, 62 yrs, From Harrogate

Hannah, 22 yrs, From Birmingham

Joseph, 30 yrs, From Budapest

Michelle, 36 yrs, From Belfast

Mirel, 34 yrs, From omania

Ngoneh, 38 yrs, From Gambia

Owen, 50 yrs, From Harrogate

Thuy, 50 yrs, From Vietnam

Anurita, 30 yrs, From Bristol

Chris, 43 yrs, From Oxfordshire

Emma, 42 yrs, From Glasgow

Fabio, 38 yrs, From Newcastle

Nikka, 27 yrs, From Philippines

Ryan, 27 yrs, From Wigan

We will keep updating the MasterChef UK 2023 contestants list from time to time.

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