Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Contestants | CGT Season 3:- You all will be very happy to hear that Canada Got Talent is back with its new season Canada Got Talent 2023 Audition started on 21st March 2023.

The first season of Canada’s Got Talent aired on March 4, 2012. Which was aired on Citytv. After that, the show was closed, after almost several decades the second season aired on Citytv on March 22, 2022, and now the third season has started hopefully now Canada Got Talent will not be closed again.

Canada’s Got Talent 2023 season 3 auditions aired on Citytv judged by Howie Mandel, Lilly Singh, Kardinal Offishall, and Trish Stratus, and hosted by Lindsey LL.

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Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Finalist Contestants (Top 8)

S.No.Contestants NameActInstagram Profile
1Conversion 🌟Dance Groupstudiodistrict5
2Atsushi OnoMagicianatsushimagician
3The Turnbull BrothersSingingtheturnbullbrothers_
4Geneviève Côté 🌟Noise Makergenevievecote_official
5Cool GiraffesDance Grouptheturnbullbrothers_
6The Cast 🌟Dance Groupthecast_dm
8Raymond SalgadoSingingtheraymondsalgado

Canada’s got talent 2023 Eliminated Contestants

S. No.Contestant NameActInsta Profile
1Young MommySingingyoungmommymusic
2T.ACOS X T.EENAGERSDance Groupt.acos_tendanse
3MarquisDance Groupmarquis_dance
4Charles Philippe LaurinVarietythephilippe
5Emma GarriottSingingimemmagarriott
6The Cheerforce Golden GirlsDance Groupthegoldengirls
7Mcelman & The MaestroEscape MagicN/A
8Christian MasciaEscape Magicmagicmascia_
9Evangel Omari Besong
(Cutdown Round)
10Dean GunnarsonEscape Actdean_gunnarson
11XpectaculoDancing Duoxpectaculo
12Kenton & Lise
(Cutdown Round)
13Captain Finn & The Salty Sea DogsMusiciansfinnseadogs
14Abebe ErigeteCircusabe_ladder
15Amir BrandonSingeramirbrandon
16Xpogo Stunt Team
(Cutdown Round)
17Will Stelfox
(Cutdown Round)
18The Trevor ShowDance & SingingN/A
19Tap Dance CanadaDance Groupt.eenagers_tendanse
20Sima Saxena
(Cutdown Round)
21MVP DanceDance Groupmvpdanceco
22Konah RaynesSingerkonahraynes
23Darcy MitchisonSingingdarcymitchison
25Brian TylerSingingbriantylermusic
26Kevin Fast
(Cutdown Round)
27Voices Rock PrimeChoirvoices_rock_canada
28The SigmazDance Groupfreshfactorytoronto
29Syd Bosel
(Cutdown Round)
Stand-up Comedyboselsyd
30Reese Nelson
(Cutdown Round)
Skating Actreese__nelson
31Christopher MagasSingernewhomes.christopher.magas
32James AlcockSingermakeminemetal1
33Cydnee Abbott
(Cutdown Round)
34A3 RyderzDance Crewa3district_ryderz
35Val & Ganna
(Cutdown Round)
Dance Duovoronovpelypenko
36Julia and MosesDance Duojuliaa.lowe & _mosesjames
37Woody & Fenton 🌟
38DJCDance Duothe_official_djc
39Olga & Violet: Mommy & MeAcrobaticsrealexerciz
40JP Parent
(Cutdown Round)
41L.I.V.E.Dance Grouplive.wpg
42Tara Meyer
(Cutdown Round)
Pole Dancetarameyer.pole
43Jason & Bronwyn Irwin
(Cutdown Round)
Horse Actbronwynhartirwin
44Xtreme Soul Style
(Cutdown Round)
Dance Groupduncanpogo
45Jack Thomas
(Cutdown Round)
46ASD Band
(Cutdown Round)
Music Bandasdbandofficial
47Cirque KalabantéAcrobaticskalabanteproductions
48Tra My TrinhCircustrinhtramyvn
49The DreamboatsMusiciansthedreamboats
50The Bearhead Sisters
(Cutdown Round)
Singing Triotasosnikopoulos
51Richard ForgetMagicianrichardforget
52Joze Piranian
(Cutdown Round)
Stand-up Comedyyeswayjoze
(Cutdown Round)
54David GreenComedydavidgreencomic
55Maya Gamzu 🌟
56Beatrice Love
57Paola Troilo
58Mr. Cuddles The Evil Octopus
Octopus Acttherealmistercuddles
59Alexandra Côté
Animal Actalexcotedogtrainer
61Magic BenMagicianmagicwithben
63Katherine Lynn-RoseSingerkatherine.lynnrose
64Curran DobbsStand-up Comedycurrandobbs

We will keep updating Canada’s Got Talent Contestants 2023 List from time to time…

Read on to see who got the Golden Buzzer 🛎️ in Week 5 and who got selected in the audition round on April 18, 2023 Week 5.

Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Next Audition April 25, 2023, Who Will Be Selected Audition Round Week 6.

Canada’s Got Talent contestants compete in an audition round to make it to the semi-finals and win the golden buzzer in front of judges and an audience.

The contestants perform a variety of arts like singing, Acrobatics, Circus, Skating Act, Magician, dancing, magic, comedy, stunts, and many more.

This season of Canada Got Talent 2023 also has 6 golden buzzers crushed. 1-1 for each of the 4 judges and the contestant is selected for the golden buzzer by the host pressing the 6th golden buzzer.

During the show’s auditions, some contestants are selected for the semi-finals by giving a golden buzzer for their acts and being impressed by their acts, while many of them are selected in the next round, which is also considered as a cutdown or judge’s round.

In the last of the cutdown or judge’s round, the winner of Canada Got Talent 2023 is finalized based on the votes of the judges and the votes of the live audience.

Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Judge

  • Howie Mandel
  • Lilly Singh
  • Kardinal Offishall
  • Trish Stratus

Canada’s Got Talent 2023 Host

  • Lindsey LL

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Final – On Canada’s Got Talent 2023, the 4 contestants have secured their place in the finals.

Semi-final – Canada’s Got Talent 2022 now has 9 contestants making it to the semi-finals.

Golden Buzzer 🛎️(1 week) – Geneviève Côté who is also an actress in the audition round of the show, Geneviève Côté won the hearts of the judges and the live audience with her art and got the golden buzzer, and got straight to the semi-finals.

Golden Buzzer 🛎️(2 weeks) – The conversion dance group has won the hearts of the audience and judges with their talent and confirmed their place in the next semi-finals.

Golden Buzzer 🛎️(3 weeks) – Anica who is a singer showed her singing talent to the audience and won the golden buzzer in the 3rd week of the audition.

Golden Buzzer 🛎️(4 weeks) – Maya Gamzu who is a singer, Maya Gamzu showed her singing talent to the audience and judges and won the golden buzzer in the 4th week of auditions.

Golden Buzzer 🛎️(5 weeks) – Woody & Fenton who is an Aerialist, Woody & Fenton showed her singing talent to the audience and judges and won the golden buzzer in the 5th week of auditions.

Competition (1 week) – Beatrice Love, GBA, Atsushi Ono, Evan Turnbull, and Paola Troilo all five contestants were selected in the audition round and advanced to the next round.

Competition (2 weeks) – Evangel Omari Besong, Magic Ben, Mr. Cuddles The Evil Octopus, Kenton & Lise, and Meave lead the competition by winning the audience’s hearts in the second week.

Competition (3 weeks) – Alexandra Côté, Xpogo Stunt Team, Will Stelfox, Sima Saxena, and Cool Giraffes have won the audience’s hearts in the third week and are ahead in the competition.

Competition (4 weeks) – Raymond Salgado, Kevin Fast, Syd Bosel, Reese Nelson, Katherine Lynn-Rose, and Cydnee Abbott have won the hearts of viewers and judges and advanced to the fourth week of the competition.

Competition (5 weeks) – Jack Thomas, Curran Dobbs, Xtreme Soul Style, Jason & Bronwyn Irwin, Tara Meyer, JP Parent, and Val & Ganna have won the hearts of viewers and judges and advanced to the fourth week of the competition.

Eliminated (1 week) 7 contestants were not selected in the auditions and were eliminated on the basis of direct judges’ votes.

Eliminated (2 weeks) – In the second stage of the audition, 4 candidates did not win the hearts of the audience and the judges, that is, their talent was not successful, and they were eliminated.

Eliminated (3 weeks) A total of 7 contestants were eliminated in the 3rth week of Canada’s Got Talent 2023 auditions.

Eliminated (4 weeks) – A total of 7 contestants were eliminated in the 4th week of Canada’s Got Talent 2023 auditions.

Eliminated (5 weeks) – A total of 5 contestants were eliminated in the 5th week of Canada’s Got Talent 2023 auditions.

Cutdown Round: The remaining contestants were not selected for the semi-final round but were selected for the audition round.

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