Love Island is a dating reality television series where contestants, also known as “islanders”, live together in a villa in Fiji. The contestant who becomes a part of this show has to leave the outside world and remain under the surveillance of the video room. Relationships have to be made with the show and with any other islanders in that villa.

Islanders pair up with other islanders for the first time, then they are forced to pair up again later for special ceremonies, during which those islanders can choose to stay with the current contestants or change partners. In the show’s villa, one has to share the bed to sleep with a partner. And those contestants will be allowed to talk with any other islanders who get a chance to know all the contestants of the show.

All the islanders living in the villa have personal phones through which they can talk to each other through messages. and receive messages informing them about the latest challenges, dumping, and re-pairing. Although the islanders seem to know everything about the outside world, their interactions with the outside world are limited.

Love Island USA Contestants 2023

The islanders are given various tasks and competitions that test their physical and mental abilities, and the winners are sometimes given special prizes such as a special date night at the Hideaway.

Islanders are eliminated or “dumped” from the show for various reasons, then if they are re-added to the show, they have to remain single and rely on the public’s vote through the Love Island mobile app. During the last week of the show, the public decides which couple wants this series as much as possible and the couple who gets the most votes becomes the champion of the show.

In the envelope ceremony on the night of the Grand Finale, two envelopes are given to the couple who receives the most from the public, but only one envelope contains the $100,000 cash amount and one envelope remains empty. The contestant who receives the $100,000 envelope can choose whether or not to share the prize money with their partner as a test of partner trust and commitment.

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Love Island USA Contestants 2023 Season 5

S. No.Contestants NameAgeFromEntered DayExited DayStatus
1Allie Ryan28Madison, WisconsinDay 17Participating
2Ashley Sims23Jefferson City, MissouriDay 17Participating
3Brandon Janse Van Vuuren22Johannesburg, South AfricaDay 16Participating
4Carmen Kocourek22Milwaukee, WisconsinDay 2Participating
5Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen23Cottage Grove, MinnesotaDay 1Participating
6Dasja Johnson27Harrells, North CarolinaDay 17Participating
7Destiny Davis27Florissant, MissouriDay 1Participating
8Eddie Brown26Lagos, NigeriaDay 16Participating
9Hannah Wright24Palm Springs, CaliforniaDay 2Participating
10Imani Wheeler22Sacramento, CaliforniaDay 13Participating
11Isiah “Zay” Harayda23Long Island, New YorkDay 16Participating
12Johnnie Garcia25Whittier, CaliforniaDay 17Participating
13Jonah Allman24Rancho Murieta, CaliforniaDay 10Participating
14Kassandra “Kassy” Castillo22Fort Worth, TexasDay 1Participating
15Keenan Anunay23Washington, D.C.Day 1Participating
16Kenzo Nudo26Phoenix, ArizonaDay 10Participating
17Kyle Darden24Queens, New YorkDay 16Participating
18Leonardo Dionicio21West Hartford, ConnecticutDay 1Participating
19Marco Donatelli22Girard, OhioDay 1Participating
20Matia Marcantuoni29Toronto, OntarioDay 16Participating
21Mike Stark22Augusta, GeorgiaDay 13Participating
22Najah Fleary25Bladensburg, MarylandDay 17Participating
23Robert “Rob” Rausch24Florence, AlabamaDay 16Participating
24Taylor Chemlka23San Diego, CaliforniaDay 17Participating
25Taylor Smith24Orange County, CaliforniaDay 17Participating
26Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray25Palestine, TexasDay 1Participating
27Harrison Luna26Adelaide, South AustraliaDay 4Day 15Dumped
28Emily Chavez25Houston, TexasDay 10Day 15Dumped
29Anna Kurdys22Boca Raton, FloridaDay 1Day 11Walked
30Victor Gonzalez28Atlanta, GeorgiaDay 1Day 8Dumped
31Jasmine Sklavanitis24Mount Morris, IllinoisDay 1Day 5Dumped

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Love Island USA 2023 Host

  • Sarah Hyland

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