Lavender Darkangelo is one of the AGT 2023 top 11 contestants. She is a very amazing singer. During Lavender Darkangelo’s audition, she sang “I Want to Know What Love Is” and everyone in the audience was mesmerized by her voice, and the judges stood up and applauded. Seeing her brilliant performance, the judges gave the golden buzzer to Lavender Darkangelo and she got a direct place in the semi-finals.

Lavender Darkangelo is a very famous and popular American singer, rapper, and model. She is one of the Golden Buzzer recipients of AGT 2023 Season 18. These Golden Buzzer contestants of AGT 2023 have become quite famous for their amazing performances.

Lavender Darkangelo Biography

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Lavender Darkangelo Biography/Wiki

Lavender Darkangelo is 27 years old and born in Massachusetts, United States. Lavender Darkangelo began her career at the age of 3, although she began speaking at the age of 4, before learning to play several musical instruments and then singing.

Lavender suffers from blindness and autism. Still didn’t leave his dreams behind. Due to his disability, it sometimes becomes difficult to perform on stage. Then she auditioned in America’s Got Talent 2023 Season 18 where she won the Golden Buzzer with her brilliant performance and now she is also a Top 11 finalist.

Lavender Darkangelo is later adopted by two fathers who are music teachers at a school and run a mentorship program for young singers. Then Will and his wife Jaime Lavender adopted him and became his adoptive parents.

Seeing Lavender Darkangelo’s passion for music, her parents also started supporting her. In 2019, the video of her singing went viral on social media. People all over the world liked him very much and from there he got the inspiration to move forward.

Lavender Darkangelo Singing Career

Lavender Darkangelo began her singing career when she was 3 years old, although she began speaking at the age of 4. Lavender Darkangelo, a blind and autistic contestant, sang “Out Here on My Own”, originally sung by Irene Cara, in the 1980 film “Fame” during her audition for America’s Got Talent 2023 season 18. Her amazing performance earned her a “Golden Buzzer” from judge Heidi Klum. And she directly confirmed her place in the semi-finals.

Lavender Darkangelo’s Parents History

Lavender Darkangelo was adopted in 2017 by Will Darkangelo and his wife Jamie Darkangelo, who runs a music mentorship program.

Lavender Darcangelo Nationality

Lavender is an American, she was born in the year 1996 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA. Lavender’s nationality is American.

Lavender Darcangelo Relationship

Lavender is still unmarried, she is currently focusing on her singing career, and her parents Will and Jaime Lavender are supporting her. Lavender lives with her parents Will and Jaime Lavender.

Lavender Darcangelo Networth

Lavender Darkangelo is a famous blind and autistic singer. Lavender Darkangelo’s net worth is around $1 million. America’s Got Talent 2023 finalist Lavender Darkangelo’s followers are increasing on social media. His net worth has increased due to the income from sponsorships and episodes of AGT.

Lavender Darcangelo Social Media

Lavender is very active on her social media. She has a presence on every social media site, where she posts her songs. After her amazing performance at the AGT 2023 auditions, her fans supported her not only on the stage but also all over the internet. Very soon she had more than 100,00 followers on all social media including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and others. AGT has been a very successful and lucky platform for them.

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