Big Brother Canada Audition 2023 is a Canadian TV reality game show. It was begun in the year 27 February 2013 on the Cut organization. From the third season onwards the show is broadcasted on Worldwide. The members get killed many ones until one individual remaining parts. They need to convey an individual great receiver and the members have no contact with the rest of the world during their visit in the house. The House Guests need to take part in a test relegated consistently.

The appointed authorities will conclude a victor out of the two and the champ gets prize cash of one Lakh and other valued which are supported by different organizations. Individuals can watch the live show free of charge on the authority site. Seriousness and compelling conclusions are major areas of strength for other expected to partake in the show. In this article, we talk about qualification measures, how to apply, and expected reports for the post of how to apply to Big Brother Canada Audition 2023.

Big Brother Canada Audition 2023

Highlights Of Big Brother Canada Audition 2023

Show NameBig Brother Canada
GenreReality Competition
Based onBig Brother
Presented ByArisa Cox
Country of OriginCanada
Original LanguageEnglish
Original Release27 February 2013
ExecutiveJohn Brunton
Production locationToronto, Ontario
Running time60 minutes
ProductionInsight Productions
Original Networkbigbrothercanadacasting

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Eligibility Criteria For Big Brother Canada Audition 2023

  • The candidate ought to be the age of at least 19 years.
  • The member ought to be truly and intellectually fit for the show.
  • Members ought to be Canadian residents to take part in Big Brother Canada Audition 2023.
  • There is no crook record previously.
  • The officials, laborers, chiefs, and administrators of broadcasting, house creations, and their family members are not qualified to apply.
  • On the off chance that the up-and-comer is chosen, go for a Skype interview planned by the maker.
  • In the event that the contender will choose, ought to make a trip to Toronto for a further determination process.
  • The member ought to will to reside in the Big Brother House in Toronto.

How To Apply For Big Brother Canada Audition 2023?

  • The competitors should visit the authority site to finish up an application structure.
  • Enter every one of the individual subtleties in the structure like the name of the competitor, age, instructive capabilities, work, and so forth.
  • Members should present a video in which they need to tell about themselves and submit it alongside the application structure.
  • Competitors ought to adhere to every one of the guidelines given on the site.
  • Transfer an as of late caught photo of the member.
  • In the event that the member will choose, the authority group will contact the members and give insights regarding the tryout and strategy.

Required Documents

  • Address Proof
  • Proof of Residence
  • Identity Proof
  • Recent Photographs
  • Agree with terms and conditions

Big Brother Canada Audition 2023, which was first considered and made by John de Mol, Jr., was communicated in the Netherlands in 1999 and is a Dutch reality challenge show, has now become so well known that it has a crossed its local area and has arrived at various nations.

Throughout the long term, Big Brother has figured out how to draw in many eyes and ears all over the planet. Numerous members, whom prior no one knew, have acquired names and distinction by simply partaking in the show.

Big Brother Canada Audition 2023, which will be season 11, is authoritatively restored. However the authority start date is yet to be reported yet continues to check the authority site of the show or this site to remain refreshed for something similar.

Big Brother Canada 2023 could be your opportunity to get into the spotlight and bring in some notoriety and cash. In the event that you have major areas of strength for an and have an enthusiasm in yourself to bring some change, then don’t reconsider and go with your nature of perseverance and partake in Big Brother Canada Audition 2023.

Mandatory Fields

Here are the some Key points for Big Brother Canada Audition 2023, you may have these details.

  • Participants Name
  • Participants Age
  • Date Of Birth (DOB)
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Active Mobile Number
  • Valid Email ID
  • Recently captured photograph
  • Upload video
  • Any other details
Big Brother Canada Audition 2023

Previous Seasons Information

SeasonStart DateLast DateWinnerRunner-up Network
127 February 20132 May 2013Jillian MacLaughlinGary LevySlice
25 March 20148 May 2014Jon PardySabrina AbbateSlice
323 March 201527 May 2015Sarah HanlonGodfrey MangwizaGlobal
42 March 201612 May 2016Nick and Phil PaquetteKelsey FaithGlobal
515 March 201718 May 2017Kevin MartinKaren SingbeilGlobal
67 March 201810 May 2018Paras AtashnakKaela GrantGlobal
76 March 20199 May 2019Dane RupertAnthony DouglasGlobal
84 March 20201 April 2020DiscontinuedDiscontinuedGlobal
93 March 20216 May 2021Tychon Carter-NewmanBreydon WhiteGlobal
102 March 20225 May 2022Kevin JacobsJosh NashGlobal

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Big Brother Canada Judges

The ousted HouseGuests continue to play the game until they reach the halfway point, at which point they join the “jury,” which selects the series winner. No film from the Diary Room, including any interviews that might reveal nominees’ tactics or specifics, is shown to the jury members. Although the number of HouseGuests on the jury has fluctuated a little throughout the season, it usually includes the most recent 7 evicted HouseGuests.

Rules of Big Brother Canada

There are a number of rules imposed on the HouseGuests competing in the series. The participants are under constant audio and video surveillance, and are required to wear personal microphones at all times. Contestants have no access to phones, television, internet, magazines, newspapers, and are prohibited from contact with those not in the house. The Bible and other religious literature are the only books allowed in the house.

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