American Idol 2024 Voting Method– American Idol leads the musical competitions American Idol is a television reality show where hundreds of people come to audition. His dream is to become the champion of American Idol.

American Idol has taken the television world by storm, with producers repeatedly trying to tease the best American Idol contestants. American Idol features a singing superstar each season.

American Idol 2024 Voting Method

How To Vote For American Idol 2024?

Similarly, this time also American Idol is back with a new season and contestants on ABC network. American Idol 2024 Season 22 Auditions have started and very soon i.e. by April 2023 you all will get to know the Top 24 American Idol Season 22 contestants.

You all will have your favorite contestants among the American Idol contestants, whom you would like to see as the winner, you can save that contestant from the elimination round by giving your valuable vote to your most favorite contestant, your vote will be very valuable for them. Let’s see how you can vote for your favorite contestant and save him from elimination.

When is American Idol 2024 on?

The twenty-second season of American Idol premiered on February 18, 2024, on the ABC network.

American Idol 2024 will return to its regular slot at 8 p.m. ET Sunday nights on ABC Network.

America Idol 2024 Voting Schedule

Voting lines will open during the East Coast broadcast on Sunday, April 16 at approximately 8 am ET/5 pm PT, with votes opening on Sunday, April 17 at 6 am ET/3 pm PT. So in the meantime, you can vote for your favorite contestants and lock your vote.

Voting will begin on April 1 at approximately 8 am ET/5 pm PT and voting lines will lock by 6 am ET/3 pm PT.

You can visit the official website of the show and vote for your favorite artists to survive the elimination round.

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American Idol 2024 Voting For Your Favorite Contestants

The on-screen performance of the selected American Idol contestants is evaluated by the judges. The contestant who gets the lowest score from the judges advances to the elimination round, which is based on audience votes.

American Idol 2024 Voting Method

Every weekend, 3 contestants reach the elimination round and this is where the decisive turn comes where the final decision of who should stay in the show and who should not is left to the audience. The audience votes for their favorite contestant to advance to the next round. If you want to participate in the voting process then you have to follow some steps which are given below –

  • You can vote through the website
  • You can vote through the app
  • You can vote via text

American Idol 2024 Season 22 Voting Process

The following are the voting rules to be followed for American Idol Voting 2024 Season 22 (American Idol 2024 Voting Method).

  • People above 13 years of age can vote in this show.
  • Voting may only be permitted using the above methods.
  • Each voter will have 30 votes to use for each voting option.
  • A total of 10 votes can be cast online, through an app, and text message.
  • There is a specific voting window in which only one person can vote.
  • You must be a US citizen to vote.
  • American Idol 2023 voting lines will open every Sunday at 8:00 PM.
  • Live voting takes place in the grand finale.
  • Voting on ABC’s American Idol will begin once the top 16 contestants are selected. Still, the decision of the producers of the show will be final.

American Idol 2024 Online Voting Process

Given below are American Idol 2024 Voting Method steps to be followed to vote online through the website-

  • To vote online, visit the official American Idol website at
  • create that account and be ready to vote for your favorite American Idol contestants in 2024.
  • login again
  • To vote, select the Vote tab on the main page.
  • A list of contestants will be displayed on the screen.
  • Cast your vote for your favorite contestant by tapping on the vote button.

American Idol 2024 Voting Process via App

To vote for American Idol 2024 contestants through the app, you need to follow these steps –

  • Download the American Idol app from the iStore or Play Store for iPhone or Android respectively.
  • Create an account or log in using Google Account.
  • Next, click on the Vote Now tab.
  • See the list of contestants.
  • Then, select your favorite contestant for whom you want to vote, and click on it.
  • Each vote will be recorded in the contestant’s account.

American Idol Season 22 Voting By Text

American Idol Season 22 Voting by Text You can use the text/SMS voting system to support your favorite contestant on the show. Voting via SMS is a straightforward process, bs you need to text the contestant’s unique code to 21523 to contest your vote.

If the code for claimant XYZ is 5, you must send (text message) 5 to 21523 to contest your vote.

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